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The largest contributor towards your homes curb appeal is attributed to the current siding and trim on the property. Hail Pro offers an extensive collection of material, style, and colors made available to you along with our Vinyl Siding Institute certified personnel. Not sure what you are looking for? Continue below for product options and inspiration. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for. Year round installing options for your convenience.

Siding Materials

James Hardi
LP Smartside


Like its name suggests, this siding is installed horizontal to the ground

Dutch Lap

A decorative groove runs along the top edge of the siding providing charm and elegance


Like its name suggests, this siding is installed vertical to the ground

Board & Batten

Alternating wide panels of siding and narrow strips of trim are placed over the seems

Traditional Lap

Resembling overlapping wooden boards designed to shed water as it rolls down

Siding Styles


Shakes provide charm and character, offered in vinyl, cedar,  and fiber cement


Similar to shakes, scallops can accent a specific portion of your home

Common Damages Siding Faces

Damage can vary depending on the type of material and the manufacturer of the product. Included are the most common types of issues homeowners face when deciding to file an insurance loss claim or are looking to repair their siding.

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