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Moving on from your old siding shouldn't be so daunting, at Hail Pro we want to simplify remodeling your home. Ask one of our Project Representatives for assistance on how you can upgrade your homes curb appeal and protection from the elements. With our programs we can help you visualize what your dream home can become


Vinyl siding has become one of the most popular ways to protect your home from the elements. Unlike when it was first introduced in the late 1950's, current vinyl products are better resistant to warping and cracking. Vinyl is the cost-efficient way of boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home and can be paired with decorative rock, shake, or batten board to accent features of your home.


Fiber Cement

A durable siding material is ideal for regions like the Mid-West who see the extreme of all 4 seasons. Fiber cement siding is composed of sand, wood cellulose, and cement to make a high strength material that doesn't expand and contract with the changing temperatures. Fiber cement is a more energy efficient siding for your home as it insulates the air inside your home better than vinyl or steel would. 

The current trend towards steel siding is due to the many benefits accompanied with it. Its inability to crack or warp is one of the many reasons many homeowners have transitioned from vinyl to steel, along with its various styles and color option that can perfectly match the fascia and gutter colors of your home. Along with its durability is its resistance towards fading or bleaching from the suns UV rays, needing less maintenance than some vinyl products.

Board & Batten

Popular throughout time board and batten is a vertical siding that brings a classical picturesque look with it.This siding can be paired with stone, brick, and even vinyl siding to accent your homes features. Note this is a style of siding and not a material itself, but can come in many different forms such as wood, composite, vinyl, and even aluminum. This style of siding should be discussed with a Hail Pro representative to best visualize what your homes appearance would be with board and batten.

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