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Storm Restoration - Residential and Commercial

Harsh and powerful storms can devastate neighborhoods. Hail, wind and rain are all unpredictable damaging elements that can cause immediate damage to your property and leave long-lasting impressions on the value and integrity on the exterior of your home. Working alongside your insurance company to restore your property is something all Hail Pro Project Advisors are trained to handle.

We want to earn our customers, which is why we believe in providing value before anything else. Damage can go unseen to an untrained eye, and left alone can lead to compromised interior damages, mold, and rot. During an inspection an objective view of your roofing system, siding, windows, gutters and all other exterior elements are surveyed, noted, and photographed. A Project Advisor will then advise your next steps of action after consulting you after their initial inspection.

Project Advising

If a claim was warranted your Project Advisor will help you through the insurance claim process, all the way through product options and selections. This is the enjoyable part of the restoration process as you remodel your properties aesthetic and functional appeal. Your Project Advisor and all Hail Pro employees are available to inform or guide you through every step.

Exterior Remodeling

Moving on from the original exterior can be an exciting time, wether thats replacing for functional purposes or aesthetic reasons you will be accompanied throughout the process by a Hail Pro employee. A Project Advisor is assigned to you in order to present product options, colors, and functionality as well as prepare you for the building process. One of our Project Managers will be assigned to the build and be on-site to assist, answer any questions you may have, and supervise the build. 

Hail Pro partners with many manufacturers in order to bring our customers exactly what they envisioned to existence. Being a Select ShingleMaster with Certainteed allows us to provide a warranty matched by no other shingle manufacturer. Any type of roofing, siding, window, and gutter need can be handled by our team. We are always attending the latest training on newly released products and installation methods so we can come prepared to assist you. Check out our Gallery page for some inspiration and to see some of our manufacturing partners, or click on a specific trade (roofing, siding, ect.) to see specific information general contractors like Hail Pro offer.

Commercial & Multi-Family Properties

Hail Pro understands the complexity of large scale projects and the necessary steps of action to simplify the process for property managers, board members, HOA's, as well as property owners and tenants themselves. We work alongside insurance companies for large loss claims to bring your property back to its function-able use.


Having large-scale damage can be an overwhelming cost at first glance. If your project has been denied or only been approved for partial repairs, allow Hail Pro's trained Supplement professionals dispute on your behalf to get your property properly covered. Commercial projects are designated a specialized Commercial Sales Representative, Internal Claims Supplementer, Production Manager that will oversee all onsite supervision, an OSHA certified installation crew, and a equipment load operator.Let Hail Pro help you with a smooth transition into a code compliance and upgraded building.

Not all projects need to come from an insurance loss, sometimes a much needed face-lift is what a business needs to draw in more traffic. Remodeling your building is sometimes all a business needs to generate more business and a marketing opportunity to promote. 


Repairs - Maintenance - Preventative Care

Throughout the life of your property it will see harsh UV rays, wind, hail, rain, and dramatic temperatures as well as casual wear and tear from life. An assessment of your property is sometimes necessary to know what you can do to extend its lifespan. Hail Pro employees are available for no obligation, free consultations and are able to perform preventative care to your roofing, siding, windows, and other exterior needs to extend its lifespan while protecting your home.

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