Saint Bonifacius Residents

We are here to help you!

(But, what if you don't know that you need help?)

Here are five reasons you should have Hail Pro, help identify your damage, file your claim and restore your damaged property!

1. You may have damage that you cannot see. Hail Pro inspectors have been trained thoroughly to identify hail, wind and storm damage. We know what to look for because it's what we do every day.

2. We know how to submit a claim to your insurance company. Did you know that you must use specific terms and dates with your insurance company when filing a claim? If you provide the wrong details, you can be denied because of it.

3. If you do not have damage and you call your insurance company to open a claim, they may hold it against you. Hail Pro staff knows what your insurance is looking for and whether damage is worth claiming or whether a claim should not be made. Having Hail Pro involved at the beginning shows your insurance company that you have taken the initiative and are doing your due diligence. 

4. We can help your insurance adjuster identify the damage quickly so that they can move on to the next claim. Your insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims. Having a second set of eyes on your property will ensure that damage is not overlooked or missed, which can cost thousands in property value and can also significantly delay the claim process!

5. Your insurance company may deny you or may say that your damage does not meet your deductible. That may not be the case. Adjusters are humans and make mistakes like anyone else. Hail Pro understands the insurance claims process. We can determine if your damage is worth a first (and in some cases a second or third) adjustment to get the funds that you deserve to restore your property.

After you receive your claim estimate and proceeds, you will need a contractor to do the work. Why not use the contractor that knows your damage, helped with your claim and is a construction "Pro" as well? We find it, we claim it, we build it! Hail Pro is all that you need! Best of all, insurance proceeds pay us, so you don't have to!