Giving Back 

Supporting the communities we work in has always been the mission of everyone involved at Hail Pro. We believe it is that core value which makes a company go from good too great. Staying involved allows us to meet the people in our communities and have a lasting impact on their lives. We are appreciative of all the support we have received and have just begun to work along our neighbors to make an exceptional difference around us.

Inspections for a Cause

Making a difference is what Hail Pro has been built upon, to build upon our dedication to our community we take part in Inspections for a Cause. Hail Pro will make a donation to one of the charities below with every client that schedules an inspection through Inspections for a Cause. There is no purchase necessary as we provide all our inspections complimentary, this is a way for Hail Pro to encourage its neighbors to make a difference by starting to pave a path to help others. When scheduling a complimentary inspections the homeowner will be able to choose which charity Hail Pro will make its donation (American Human Society, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Prevent Child Abuse America) in the homeowners name. 

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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization who's goal is to bring awareness and understanding to the disease. Since its beginning in 1993 breast cancer survivors has reached an all time high with 12 million survivors in 2011. 

Prevent Child Abuse America is dedicated towards the healthy development of children and preventing abuse before it occurs. Founded in 1975 the organization hopes to make a difference locally as well as nationally by helping over 100,000 families a year.

The American Humane Society helps ensure the safety and well-being of animals. Various programs like rescue during natural disasters and conservation of natural habitat for endangered animals is the mission for American Humane Society. 

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